What can circular economy do for our industries ?

 « Industries are aware of raw materials battle is a competitiveness and market sustainability battle»

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Circular Economy, why Canada should try this model?

Inspired from an interesting article that connects two different country realities China’s Disastrous Pollution Problem Is a Lesson for Canada

With almost 10 million km2 of surface Canada occupies the second place in the top countries in the world even before Yankees country and The Great Wall nation, but when it comes to population its impressive to see how few people live in the maple flag country, it is 11% of United states population and only 0.26% of Chinese one. There is nothing new in statement above, what is really impressive is that Canada conquers also the top ranking place on pollution matters as well, it seems like we enjoy being on top. Read more ›

Circular economy can be overwhelming

“Change is hard at the beginning, messy in the middle and gorgeous at the end” Robin Sharma

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Turbulence is blowing off air transport industry to circular economy

While thinking about my new blog subject I bump into a turbulent territory Air transport industry. As we all know this sector has been through a decade-long recession and there is a lesson for all manufacturing sectors… Read more ›


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